Foundation "Lung Khao Khai Achip" Free vocational tutoring
for the benefit and dependency on the people There are a wide variety of career programs offered. to be able to choose lessons according to their needs
The beginning of Lung Khao Khai Achip
Occupational Teaching : Teaching vocation in various villages

  The beginning of creating a career for Thai people Starting from Uncle White traveling to advertise selling drugs all over the country. on the go saw the hardships of the villagers There are unemployed people, disadvantaged people, and people who want to build a career for themselves. but does not have the correct knowledge and understanding therefore unable to continue to develop and build a career as desired Uncle White therefore gathered all the professional knowledge he had accumulated. from traveling from one place to another to teach villagers to another place without charge so that the villagers have income have a career that feeds their own stomach and helps build a career for the villagers in that community

By the profession that Uncle White led to teach It is a simple occupation, such as making a rainwater storage jar. In the dry season, there will be water to use. Or it's going to be candy making, giving the village children something to eat, making cakes, and fixing bicycles, etc.

The form of vocational teaching will be the nature of persuading children to come and learn with fun as well as play and learn. For the adult group, it is an introductory lesson using fun words or expressions that encourages follow-up and interest.

  For children and villagers, Uncle Khao is like a mobile knowledge source, like an adult relative who teaches, advises, and transfers knowledge to the villagers.
and children in a simple way friendly talk until where anyone would call him "Uncle Khao La-Or" because he was the person who came in the name of the Khao La-Or Shop until the end of the day.

Solving careers through the media : Lung Khao Khai Achip program

  In 1964, Uncle Khao was persuaded and supported by Pairach Kasiwat, Att Puengprayoon, Phakdi Romyanon and Suang Aksranukroh. to host a radio program called "There is still hope in this life by Uncle White" which later changed to "Lung Khao Khai Achip"

  The format of the program will be to interview people in various occupations. to bring knowledge from real experiences to disseminate in terms of methods The process of doing it. Secrets to making money. as well as solving various problems in the right way from direct experience This is to set an example and encourage listeners who want to have their own careers.


  In 1965, Uncle White began to step into the media of television. The first program was "Mirror of Youth", which was a program that brought young people with good behavior and abilities to be interviewed on television. to encourage and set an example for children later changed its name to "Lung Khao Khai Achip program", which has content consistent with the radio program.

Both radio and television "Lung Khao Khai Achip " has become a popular program that many people across the country know and follow.

"One person starts, many people continue: Foundation Lung Khao Khai Achip"

   ใYear 1969, Field Marshal Praphas Jarusathien had faith in Uncle Khao to Mr. Chaowat Sudlapa, his secretary. Prepare a place for the Freedmen's League Opposite Mater Dei School Let Uncle Khao open a vocational school for the people. which has announced the recruitment of volunteers, speakers, professional teachers come together as a teacher without compensation

Open for professional training every Saturday - Sunday. There were about 300 - 500 people who were interested in studying at one time. "Samma Vocational Wittayathan School" then changed to "Professional Seminar Club", later changed its name to "Lung Khao Khai Achip Club" and "Lung Khao Khai Achip Foundation" respectively

  The subjects that were taught in the first period were not yet many. but there are dozens of subjects Such as cooking various types of food, including Thai food, foreign food, savory dishes, desserts, desserts, including the jungle which is a famous subject Because the instructors have improved the recipe until it has a distinctive, delicious, unique taste.

In addition, there are also teaching careers in making dried flowers, knitting, sewing men's and women's clothes, cutting hair, beautifying, repairing shoes, gold plating, and many other professions. Most of which are easy to learn. doesn't take much time

Since teaching At least a million people came to study until in 2008, Uncle Khao died peacefully. But Uncle Khao Khai Occupational Foundation still exists, with Mr. Boonruen Pongboriboon, Uncle Khao's wife, as the foundation's chairman.

In the year 2014, Mr. Boonruen Pongboriboon passed away. The foundation continued to carry on the intention of Uncle Khao, with his son, Watcharapong Pongboriboon, has been the chairman of the foundation since then. until now

Lung Khao Khai Achip
History Lung Khao
Lung Khao Khai Achip The History of Lung Khao

Lung Khao Khai Achip Drama
Episode 1: The Dream Come True - Lung Khao Khai Achip Drama

Lung Khao Khai Achip Drama
Episode 2 : The Dream Come True - Lung Khao Khai Achip Drama
Lung Khao Khai Achip
Episode 1: The Dream Come True - Lung Khao Khai Achip
Lung Khao Khai Achip
Episode 2: The Dream Come True - Lung Khao Khai Achip
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Surgical mask
Auspicious tree
ลHerbal compress
Press release

Khaola-or proceeds to sign the agreement Join to develop Thai herbs with innovation and science. to upgrade Thai herbs to the world class By researching with Thammasat University

Received a prize of 100,000 baht by receiving an award from Dr. Chaiwat Wibulsawat, chairman of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

National Outstanding Herb Award, organized by the Department of Thai Traditional Medicine Ministry of Public Health, by Khao La-Or, proudly won the award for the 5th year in a row

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