Khaolaor Mouth Gel Product Wins 7 INNOVATION 2020 Awards


Khaolaor Mouth Gel Product Wins 7 INNOVATION 2020 Awards

Khaolaor Mouth Gel Product Wins 7 INNOVATION 2020 Awards

White la-or ointment for mouth ulcers, won 7 INNOVATION 2020 awards in the field of economy, received a prize of 100,000 baht by receiving an award from Dr. Chaiwat Wibulsawasdi, Chairman of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Under the cooperation project to drive innovation for the country THAILAND SYNERGY for Thai SMEs 7 INNOVATION AWARDS 2020

It is another proud award of Khao Laor Pharmacy in this year 2020.

that represents excellence in innovation in order to develop Thai herbs upgrading to practicality and has scientific research to support which white or mountain gel There are 4 research papers backed together and won the world-class award. Gold medal at the World Invention Fair, Geneva, Switzerland.

by Khao La-Or drives the organization with 3 innovations as follows:

#In terms of internal research and development, Khao La-or focuses on organizational development by bringing innovations in technology related to product research and development. In order to be effective and maintain the standard quality of the product.

#Production. Khao La-or brings new production innovations. to play a role in promoting production for the speed of responding to the needs of consumers and environmentally friendly

#Technology, Khaola-or brings innovation in digital platform to play a role in promoting marketing strategies and working within the organization for convenience and speed in the digital economy era. and to raise the standard to the international level

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