The leader is open and does not focus on giving orders. The 'family' business is growing strong.


The leader is open and does not focus on giving orders. The 'family' business is growing strong.

Over 94 years of travel 'Khaolaor Pharmacy' or 'Khaolaor Pharmacy Company Limited' is one of the Thai herbal product businesses that has taken care of the health of Thai people since 1929 under the management from grandfather to son. and is being passed on to grandchildren, accumulating 3 generations

With a business goal that is not based on profit as the main focus. but is committed to developing herbs Thai people's wisdom 'People who eat benefit, people who make merit' which is the heart of every employee in the organization.

If we go back to the beginning of the drug-selling movie car era. 'Khaolao Pharmacy' will be known as 'Uncle Khao Khai Career', which was created by 'Waraphong Pongboriboon', a second-generation executive, has initiated teaching careers for low-income earners besides selling drugs since 1969, with early herbal products Including white-lao deworming medicine Famous and well known throughout the country

After that, there was a study and research from the records in the book of life in the palace of 'Mon. Nueang Nilrat' Volume 1 until the development of a medicine to heal the white tongue. For oral health care from newborns And it is effective in treating mouth ulcers in adults. It is another Thai herbal product. popular widely throughout the country as well

'People'+IT drives the organization

Dr. Watcharapong Phongboriboon, executive of Khaolao Pharmacy Co., Ltd., 3rd generation, told 'Krungthep Turakij' that Khaolao Pharmacy's journey has a long history Which if compared to the age of people, it must be said that they are entering the old age, but the fire is still being continually replenished. Because he never stops developing himself. Both in terms of bringing modern technology Creating network cooperation both in Thailand and abroad To expand the product market as well as raise the level of herbs to be known. Received more international standards

“We are now in the era of transitioning from Generation 3 to Generation 4, which is an era where production process technology must be introduced. Learning new markets Links with both domestic and international agencies For the development and production of herbal medicine Supports consumer needs and epidemics that may occur all the time, so what is important In addition to developing herbal medicines in collaboration with researchers In addition to being an expert both in Thailand and abroad, it means taking care of more than 100 employees, who are an important force in driving the organization's stability and stability,” said Dr. Watcharapong.

Because the organization will be stable. Every employee must have job security first. Which Khao Laor Pharmacy It has been adjusted all the time. In order to keep up with the various changes that occur, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Herbs must take into account standards, quality, and safety. which will make every employee stable There must be welfare that fully supports them. Advantages of being a family business All employees know each other, whether they are in the production department, office, or lab. The care is taken in a family style. If anyone has a problem, you can come in and tell us. or ask for help from a supervisor or executives

Leaders are open and not focused on giving orders.

The organization will survive for a long time apart from the management of the organization's leaders. The most important thing is the employees, who have diverse generations. Because some people have been here since their parents' generation. Some people are new kids. You must try to create an organizational culture. Let everyone participate and evaluate and improve quality. Create an environment that allows everyone to get to know each other, be close to each other, and work as one team.

“Work values Emphasis will be placed on the principles of good governance. Employees must have the same attitude as the organization, that is, be curious, want to do things, and must be on the same team. By emphasizing work as a person who makes merit. People who eat it benefit. The goal is to elevate Thai herbs to be more internationally known. more quality Therefore, the organization's leaders and employees play a key role in making it happen. Especially leaders who must lead by example. Speak and make it happen There are principles of good governance in administration. and must be a leader who gets up and walks to see the work Seeing the quality of life of working people Not a leader who sits and listens but reports. Or just give orders,” Dr. Watcharapong said.

Welfare of Khaolao Pharmacy people It is not only in accordance with the principles of labor law. But there is an increase in the quality of life of employees. Through various activities such as debt relief projects for employees Teach employees to save money It creates financial discipline. Because money is the thing that bothers employees the most. Including arranging the internal environment suitable for working. There is an annual travel activity. and special rest days are organized

Supporting the bioeconomy to reduce global warming

Dr. Watcharapong went on to say that the herbal business It is a bioeconomy, which is an economic system that brings knowledge and innovation. especially biological sciences Come help develop further. Create added value from biological resources and agricultural products into goods and services that can be used in various fields, whether it be agriculture, health or medicine. and also creates balance in the economy, society and environment.

Today, herbs are very popular. Now more than ever, the world is paying more attention to sustainability. Solving the problem of global warming, which herbs are Bioeconomy It will create economic value. If we use herbal products, it will help in growing more medicinal plants. The plants help create oxygen and help absorb carbon dioxide. Reducing global warming is the key to brand development. Committed to focusing on quality as the main focus. In order to lead the company to 100 years, the first thing that must be considered is Having morality and ethics Keeping the business in line with Dhamma will lead the business to remain stable and sustainable in the future.

“People who lead organizations must adhere to morality and ethics. and it will be successful Part of it is that parents make their children see it. Especially the pharmaceutical business What is important is ethics. Consumer Safety From now on, Khaolao Pharmacy will strive to develop the herbal medicine production process. Modern technology has been introduced to help and increase marketing strategies. Focus on sales it is an online channel that still has many limitations because it is a drug-related business. and will continue to develop new herbal medicines To meet the needs of consumers Able to provide accurate information to consumers if they have questions,” Dr. Watcharapong Concluding remarks

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