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Kaempferia is better than you think

Why white galingale can help reduce heartburn?

EyeHerbs Ep.30 Let's come to spicy tuna salad with crispy Krachai. Strange isn't it? Normally, I only see fluffy catfish salad. But I'm embarrassed to see someone use tuna instead of catfish. Today, I'm going to give the recipe to everyone. The tuna used today is canned tuna in soybean oil. Who likes spicy things? I invite you to go this way. Let's go and see.

Dong Quai and promoting women's health

How is this amino acid good for your body?

How is cordyceps good for the body?

EyeHerbs Ep.29 I can feel that it's summer. The weather is so sweltering that it makes me embarrassed to think of herbs that will help balance such as Maha Pradit Triphala water, which has 3 types of herbs, Thai anchor, Phipek anchor, and Makhampom.

NCDs or non-communicable diseases But it will be a chronic, incurable disease, requiring better health care than usual. How can we use garlic to help with this? Let's read this article.

Garlic extracted, easy to eat, without smell, not stinking the mouth And also gets full of garlic extracts better than eating raw or cooking as well

Garlic has been in the Thai kitchen for a long time, but actually, there are many benefits of garlic. must try and you will know

Turmeric contains an important substance called curcumin and antioxidants that are beneficial to the body.

Difference Between Stomach Disease and GERD

Garlic has the effect of lowering blood lipids and lowering blood pressure.

is a state of blood pressure that is higher than normal

The use of Andrographis paniculata for the treatment of COVID

“gurmar” meaning sugar killer.

bitter gourd was eaten to lower blood sugar levels.

It is a condition in which the body has blood sugar higher than normal.

When it comes to winter With changes in the weather, the body will not be able to adapt to the changes in the weather.

Centella asiatica with amazing properties that you may not know before

Nutritional value of centella asiatica leaves

Delve into the nutrients and benefits of "Wheatgrass"

Take care of your bones and knees. "Collagen Type Two"

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