Thai Traditional and Menopause


Thai Traditional and Menopause


- easily irritated

- Hot flashes / sweating easily

- Headaches/aches

- cannot sleep

- flatulence, flatulence

- dry skin

  Ya Hom Thep Chit

Relieves dizziness, dizziness and dizziness and improves sleep efficiency.

Dosage and method of use: Take 1-1.4 grams at a time, dissolve in warm water, drink every 3-4 hours, should not exceed 3 times a day.

  Pueraria Mirifica

Relieves symptoms of hot flashes, restlessness, and dry skin.

Because there are substances that have a chemical structure and act similar to female hormones for Patients with uterine and breast cancer or hormone-sensitive tumors Estrogen should not be used.

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