Khaolaor K-Form Chitosan Dietary Supplement Product 20 Capsules/Box


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Khaolaor K-Form Chitosan Dietary Supplement Product 20 capsules/box
(Chitosan, Green coffee bean extract,Green tea extract, Black pepper extract,
Garcinia extract, Psyllium husk powder,Ginger powder, Chromium picolinate
Dietary supplement product)

FDA Regist No. : 11-1-08831-5-0008

In Active (of one capsule contains)
Chitosan                                                      250.000 mg.
Green coffee bean extract                      100.000 mg.
Green tea extract                                        60.000 mg. 
Black pepper extract                                  20.000 mg. 
Garcinia extract                                           20.000 mg.
Psyllium husk powder                               20.000 mg. 
Ginger powder                                             20.000 mg. 
Chromium picolinate                                   0.500 mg.

Anticaking agent (INS 470(ii), INS 551)
Natural Colour (INS 171)
Colour (INS 122)

Should be careful in people who are allergic to seafood and those who are underweight.

Suggested Use : Take 1 capsule before meal 15-20 minutes

- Children, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should not eat
- For those who use other dietary supplements with fat as the main ingredient
   It should be taken at least 2 hours before or after this product.
- People with gallstones should not eat.

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