Khaolaor THORANEE SUNTAKART Capsule 60 capsules/bottle


Categories : Household Remedy


Drug registration number : G405/60

Packing size 60 capsules

The main ingredients in 1 capsule (250 mg.) consist of pepper seeds, satu black yams, anchor meat (dry), mahingu, camphor and other drugs.

Dosage: Adults take 2-4 capsules 1 time per day before breakfast or before bedtime.


1. People with fever, children or pregnant women are prohibited from eating.
2. Elderly people should use it with caution.

1. Caution should be taken with drugs in the anticoagulant group. anticoagulants and antiplatelet drugs (antiplatelets)
2. Continuous medication should be cautious. Especially in patients with liver and kidney dysfunction because camphor accumulation and toxicity may occur.
3. Caution should be exercised with phenytoin, propranolol, theophyline and rifampicin as these formulations contain high amounts of pepper.

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