Khaolaor Chiang Da Capsule 60 Capsules/Box


Categories : Dietary Supplement


Khaolaor Chiang Da Capsule 60 Capsules/Box

FDA registration number : 11-1-08831-5-0006

Packing size : 60 Capsules/Box

Each Capsule Contains : Gymnema inodorum Powder 375 mg.

Seggested Use : Take 2 Capsules after breakfast and dinner

Should eat a variety of foods, complete 5 groups in the right proportions on a regular basis.

  1. Children and pregnant women should not eat.
  2. May have the effect of slowing blood clotting. ​​​​​
  3. It has no effect in preventing and treating disease.
  4. Read the warning label before consuming.

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