Anthocyanin benefits


Anthocyanin benefits

Anthocyanins are found in purple and red fruits. Berries such as strawberries, bilberries, blackcurrants, cranberries, mulberries.

Anthocyanin Benefits

- Helps to fight free radicals

- reduce inflammation

- helps protect blood vessels stimulate blood flow and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease

- Reduce cholesterol in the blood

- inhibits E. coli in the digestive tract that causes diarrhea

Benefits of anthocyanins for eye health

- Effects on seeing in the dark or in low light Helps the ability to see in the dark better Helps relieve eye fatigue in those who work in front of a computer screen

- The effect reduces the risk of cataracts. Reduces free radicals that occur in the cells of the eye. And helps prevent the lens of the eye from being damaged.

-Effects reduce the risk of macular degeneration It inhibits the death of retinal photoreceptors that are stimulated by prolonged exposure to bright light.

1.Faculty of Pharmacy Mahidol University