results of in vitro studies herbal medicine to reduce fever Can stop the spread of COVID-19


results of in vitro studies herbal medicine to reduce fever Can stop the spread of COVID-19

On January 14, 2022, Dr. Suphakit Sirilak, director-general of the Department of Medical Sciences, revealed that in the event that there is a current demand for herbs such as five root medicines and large prescription drugs to be used to help treat or relieve symptoms from infection with COVID-19 continually that Department of Medical Sciences by the Herbal Research Institute and the Institute of Public Health Sciences to study the anti-viral effect of COVID-19 Five Roots Delta species and large sparse medicinal formulas, which are courtesy of the Thai Medical Association. The extracts of both formulations at a dose that were not toxic in cell cultures were incubated with the virus in vitro. and the virus was tested in cell cultures.

The preliminary test results found that

The five-roots medicinal formula extracted by water has a value in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Delta strain 96.23% at a concentration of 10 milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml).
A water-extracted large-split formulation had a 76.56% inhibitory effect on the Delta strain of COVID-19 at a concentration of 10 mg/ml.
A large fractional drug extracted with an alcohol-based solvent with a concentration of 50 percent has antiviral properties against COVID-19. Delta strain 88.70% at a concentration of 2.5 mg/ml.

Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences added that Five Roots Recipe The large formula is classified as a group of antipyretics announced by the Ministry of Public Health in the list of herbal medicines that are used according to traditional knowledge in the National Essential Medicines List. At present, people can buy both medicines and take them by themselves according to their symptoms. and should be taken according to the indications and dosages specified in the national list of essential drugs

Used for the treatment of COVID-19 You should wait for the results of the research to be precise before being safe. Currently, the Department of Medical Sciences will accelerate research and development of both herbal formulas in the field of study to stimulate the immune system before viral infection. efficacy and mechanism of action against viral infection as well as to study the safety of traditional medicines To be information to support the use of herbal medicines for use in the treatment of COVID-19 in the future

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