Fresh Rang more than a detoxifying herb


Fresh Rang more than a detoxifying herb

According to the Thai textbook, it is said that "cool tastes Used as a green potion, neutralizes fever, neutralizes false manifestations and other poisons. Used to cure the heat in thirsty. Treatment of chronic asthma and cure itchy rash from various allergic reactions Used to cure poison, boredom, drunk. Due to poisonous mushrooms, arsenic, or even prescription drugs It has been very effective" by using a trapezoid, a purple flower vine and must be the roots that have been planted for more than 6 months come out causing the symptoms of being poisoned to improve and eventually heal

Data from a group of folk healers found that Bringing boiled fresh trough water to bathe will make your skin glow. The roots are brought together with rice water and applied to the face to make the face white without acne and blemishes. It is also not effective for rashes from allergic reactions such as herpes zoster. It can neutralize the burning pain from scald fire.

In laboratory research, studies have shown that Tungsten has good anti-herpes and antiviral properties. It also has antioxidant activity to prevent the brain from being destroyed by toxins. It can also be used to treat cancer patients.

Based on the abstract, 4 cases of horseshoe crab venom were treated with medicinal herbs: 40 minutes to 4 hours after ingestion of horseshoe crab eggs salad onset, all had numbness around the mouth, nausea, vomiting, spreading to muscles. Making it impossible to breathe, had to use a ventilator. Two patients were severely unconscious. Because horseshoe crab venom is tetrodotoxin. There is no antidote in modern medicine. symptomatic treatment The poison will be excreted through the urine. After 40 minutes of taking Rang Jued herbal juice, the patient began to feel and had better symptoms.

Because Rang Jued herb has been important to Thai people's way of life for a long time. The Ministry of Public Health has a policy to push the planting. and use throughout the country Which is currently used to drive chemical toxins that are used to kill pests and remain in the blood of farmers. which found an average of 51 percent higher.

"Overall If any house has a freshwater trough with the house like having a doctor at home Can save lives in an emergency is the best. Almost no need to rely on the hospital at all."

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