Moringa leaves


Moringa leaves

Moringa is a plant that Thai people are very familiar with. During the late and early winter rains like this time, the weather is cool, but the rain can easily cause a cold or a fever. Moringa pods are very effective against colds and fevers. Our ancestors were wise and knew that the pods of horseradish were used for curries. It's not just food, but it can also help prevent fevers and colds.

There are 13 species in total, but the most valuable is Moringa oleifera Lamk, which is Moringa that is common in Thailand. Sacred things that give good and valuable plants are all in Thailand. Not only the pods but also the leaves of Moringa are very valuable which can be eaten all year round. without waiting for the pod And there are many health benefits equally.

Moringa is easy to grow and does not require special care, so it has leaves to eat every season. The World Health Organization recommends that pregnant women and nursing mothers eat Moringa leaves. So that the baby is healthy and the mother has enough milk. Moringa leaf is recommended to prevent eye loss from vitamin A deficiency. Using animal feeds resulted in significantly more milk and body weight. Moringa leaf weight helps crops to become more prosperous and heavier. Over the past few years, word of mouth has been spread among friends and family about the amazing benefits Moringa leaves can have on health.
The herbal information pamphlet on July 26, 2009, titled Moringa : a medicinal plant with various benefits, mentioned the pharmacology of Moringa leaves.

has a blood pressure lowering effect Anti-tumor, anti-cancer, lower cholesterol levels Prevent stomach ulcers prevent hepatitis Anti-oxidation, anti-Herpes simplex virus type 1, antibacterial regulate thyroid hormones Reduce sugar levels, help heal wounds and inhibit platelet aggregation.

Life Clock Book 2 says that Moringa helps increase bone mass. and increase the immunity of the body
in terms of safety Found that the leaves are very safe. but eating other parts Especially the seeds need to be careful.

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