Cat's Whiskers (Homeopathic: Issue 35: March 16, 2000)


Cat's Whiskers (Homeopathic: Issue 35: March 16, 2000)

Kittens are cute pets and can be loathsome. (For those who don't like it) Cats are clean-loving creatures that can be seen when they finish their personal errands. will manage to cover up and walk time will be very light until there is a metaphor Thieves or burglars that cat's paws In this edition, the doctor has medicinal plants related to The cat came to introduce

There is one medicinal plant. The flower resembles a cat's mustache. and very beautiful because The flowers are tiered. That is, the flowers below will bloom first. And will chase up to the top, the stamens are long outside the petals until it is clearly visible. and will take shape like a cat's whiskers The flowers are white or purple. depending on the species That medicinal plant is "Cat's Whisker Grass".

Cat's whiskers, scientific name Orthosiphon aristatus (Bl.) Miq., is in the family Labiatae, classified as a small herbaceous plant, about 1 foot tall, with a single, rectangular stem. opposite each other in pairs Each pair is arranged at perpendicular angles. The flowers have 2 colors as mentioned above. In one flower will grow into 4 sub-fruits, known locally as Phayubmek I Tu Dong (Phetchabun).

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