5 behaviors that make your face age prematurely


5 behaviors that make your face age prematurely

No one would appreciate it when people say "old face" even though they're not very old, right? But actually we can look good. Look at the faces of children as they are young not easy aunty face Just avoid some behaviors that can accelerate your face. What behaviors will there be? Let's see.

1. Stress When we are stressed or can't think of anything Let's take a look at yourself. What did it look like then? grimace Eyebrows tied in a bow Plus, stress also affects hormones. This makes the skin cells imbalance, causing wrinkles to look lifeless.

2. Sleep late, sleep late, sleep late, in addition to turning us into a panda. It also makes our skin lack of rest, looks shabby, has wrinkles around the eyes, crow's feet and wrinkles on the face easily as well. and most importantly the girls Who is addicted to social media? should avoid light For example, light your phone screen at least 1 hour before going to bed. will have a good sleep rest fully

3. Don't like wearing sunscreen. Sunlight is regarded as a good match for our skin. Because in addition to the sun will hurt the skin to dry. Rough and also make the skin dull, freckles, blemishes, dark spots that no girl wants to have. Plus, these problems are difficult to treat. It's a good idea to apply sunscreen before leaving the house. And applying nourishing cream before bedtime is better, wrong position

4. Sleeping in the wrong position, sleeping position is important as well. because if girls People who like to sleep on their side or lie on their stomach can create pressure marks on our skin as well. like crow's feet wrinkles on the face best solution is to sleep on your back Or try changing pillowcases that are soft fabrics. like a satin to reduce skin pressure

5. Use soap on the face. Use soap on your face. Using ordinary soap used to clean the body. come to cleanse the surface of the face like this May cause irritation Rough and dry skin Because soap is alkaline, it reduces the moisture of the skin. Therefore, you should choose a cleanser that is best suited to your facial skin.

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