Garlic Herbs for Thai Kitchen How to eat to benefit


Garlic Herbs for Thai Kitchen How to eat to benefit

How to eat garlic to benefit Allicin compounds in garlic that are beneficial to our body. Garlic must be sliced, chopped, smashed or crushed, so it is best to cut, chop, pound or grind the garlic 5-10 minutes before cooking.

This allicin does not disintegrate when heated. therefore will eat fresh Or it's okay to cook in oil. The amount of garlic you should eat per day As an adult, you can eat about 4 grams of garlic per day, but you shouldn't take more than this for more than 10 days in a row because it increases your risk of slow blood clotting. or the bleeding does not stop when the wound occurs

How to buy garlic for cooking Choose garlic with firm bulbs, not atrophy, thin skin, light yellow flesh, fresh, not rotten, no mold. And if you want a strong garlic flavor. Should choose a small head of garlic.

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