Roselle tea. Drink hot to cure heat in thirsty.


Roselle tea. Drink hot to cure heat in thirsty.

Roselle is another herb that is popularly used to make a drink. Because it is easy to buy, works, and has a slightly sour taste. The medicinal properties of okra are helping to expel phlegm, diuretic, cure heat, quench thirst and prevent blood coagulation. which is to reduce the fat in the blood itself

What do I need to prepare?
- Dried okra flowers
- Lemon or lemon slices
- Sugar (add or not as you like)

Chop the red okra flowers into small pieces. Roast in a pan until dry and crispy. Prepared.
When drinking, put it in a glass. Pour hot water, make a tea (or put it in a teapot), let it sit for a while, squeeze some lemon juice or slice a lemon into it for flavor. If you want sweetness, you can add sugar as you like.

The remaining roasted okra flowers can be stored in a container with a lid that can be kept for months. Just bring it to be roasted and heated again before drinking.

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