Allergies/Covid-19/Fever, Climate Change


Allergies/Covid-19/Fever, Climate Change


-Symptoms of allergy include sneezing, watery eyes, itchy eyes, itchy/stuffy nose, possibly runny nose. various allergic rashes

- Often caused by dust, smoke or various chemicals

- Conquer the Indian subcontinent Cure a cold in the early stages Plu Kao Extract Plus stimulate the body's immune system


-Symptoms of COVID-19 patients can begin with fever, feeling tired, dry cough, and difficulty breathing. There was heat emanating from his head. Red eyes (like a person with a fever), sometimes there may be a sore throat.

-Assess the risk and check for ATK, sputum or throat secretions and nasal secretions

-Fah Talai Bandit Disinfects and reduces the division of the virus, Chan Leela, reduces fever, five roots, various poisonous jabs, cures fever, fever (early fever)

weather change

-Febrile symptoms are fever, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, sometimes with runny nose.

- Usually occurs after sudden weather changes The body is unable to adjust

- Chan Leela to fix the temperature change.

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