10 warning signs of cirrhosis.


10 warning signs of cirrhosis.

  10 warning signs of cirrhosis


1. Tired, easily tired, can't find any other cause

2. Yellow eyes (jaundice), yellow body

3. The skin has a red, spider-like rash on the upper part of the body, red palms.

4. Hair in the pubis area falls or decreases, salivary glands grow abnormally.

5. Enlarged breasts on one or both sides in men


6. Swollen feet or legs on both sides, fingers pressed down and dented, ascites or dropsy

7. Bleeding easily, such as scurvy in the mouth

8. Bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, such as charcoal black stools or vomiting blood

9. Brain symptoms include sleeping at the wrong time. do not sleep at night Daytime sleep changes in personality, thoughts, memory, or mood

10. Weight loss, loss of appetite (when there is a complication of liver cancer)


thanks for the source

1. Center of Excellence in Medicine for Liver Disease

2.Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society

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