Guidelines for using herbal medicine Khaola-or in the situation of COVID-19


Guidelines for using herbal medicine Khaola-or in the situation of COVID-19

Guidelines for using Khao La-or herbs during covids
Important warning, please read carefully.
1. Pregnant and lactating women You shouldn't eat phlox paniculata yourself. Should consult a doctor who is taking care of it or not.

2. Patients with regular medication such as anticoagulants anticoagulants You should consult your doctor before taking Andrographis paniculata as well.

3. This advice focuses on ad hoc advice in the most severe situation of the coronavirus outbreak. All medical personnel in every department, every plan, have fully helped each other. especially the sick but no bed When the patient has been in bed and has been hospitalized, he/she should be treated according to the doctor who is the owner of the patient for consideration.

4. Unsure of drug use problems You can consult a doctor first.

5. Medicine is the practice of the art of healing. and Thai medicine that is suitable for patients is to cook only that patient But the situation now can't do it, so each doctor, each doctor's office There can be different drug guidelines. According to the expertise and experience of each person, the important thing is that according to the medicines that are available at the moment, no one is wrong, who is more right, respect all professions, do not attack or compare without creativity. This approach was born from a meeting of the medical team. Thai traditional and modern medicine of Khao La-or Considering the pills we have on hand right now. Do your best first, anything can change in the future.

6. People who have a history of allergic to Andrographis paniculata, rash, swollen mouth, itching, do not recommend to eat Andrographis paniculata.

I hope everyone is safe from covid.

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