Clarification of the distribution policy of Andrographis paniculata


Clarification of the distribution policy of Andrographis paniculata

I would like to clarify about the distribution policy for the extraction of Kao La-or paniculata. From Dr. Petchpailin Pongboriboon, Executive Director of Khaolaor Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

The current covid situation is very serious. Just the demand for Andrographis Paniculata Extract for sick people was already very high. both hospital bed or in a field hospital or a home isolation case that now believes In every community or village, there must be a case for sure.

Khao La-or would prioritize distributing the extracted Andrographis paniculata pills as follows.
1. Hospitals with COVID patients There is a doctor ready to dispense medicines to patients according to CPG.
2. When you are sick, you will be treated at home. It is necessary to take andrographis paniculata.
3. Government agencies and volunteers visit the community and reach out to patients.
4. Pharmacy is a good distribution point in the community. because there are many patients asking for medicine
5. Customers who are not sick want to buy for home or buy a large amount to make merit Please wait in line. that you can wait Do not buy and hoard in bulk It's already a charity. so that we have medicine to reach the patient has helped people to go faster

All channels will be distributed for sure. just a proportion of more or less as needed

sorry for the inconvenience I really want to help everyone. The company will try its best. full power production

P.S. Anyone who has Andrographis paniculata extracted at home Recommend not to eat too much. No risk. No symptoms. Just don't eat. Wait when you get sick. Really. It will not be difficult to find medicine.

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