Thai Tongue Saman is safe for children.


Thai Tongue Saman is safe for children.

reputed to be medicine All parents are worried about whether it is safe for their children? Especially for young children, newborns to 3 months old.

Often have white tongue from milk stains Although mothers keep their mouth clean by giving them water after suckling. This melasma is home to microorganisms and may expand to the cheekbones. Sometimes it will be a hard plate causing the child to hurt the mouth. cry non stop drooling Wet clothes are hygienic. causing parents to be tired of caring and comforting their children to stop crying If this blemish falls into the stomach It can cause diarrhea and fever again.

Thai ancestors have a smart way to take care of their children's health with pills. Dip the medicine with your clean finger and sweep or smear it onto your child's tongue and cheek in the rhythm as the child opens his mouth. without having to force the child to open his mouth in any way Thailand's hard to sweep, has been sold in the market for more than 80 years, has a long history of oral health care for children.

In addition, the National Research Council has funded research studies by the Faculty of Medicine. Srinakharinwirot University Ongkharak Campus It was found to be effective in reducing bacteria in the oral cavity well. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is very safe. Thus, it is scientifically confirmed that tongue astringents are effective and safe for the oral health of infants. Parents are therefore happier with their loving children. Without wasting time and emotion into crying without knowing the cause of your child.

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