Garlic extract and urban health


Garlic extract and urban health

Garlic (Allium sativum) has a history of use for more than 5000 years. From the times of Greece, Roman, Phoenicians, Vikings, Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, it is even regarded as the food of the gods or "lasuna lasuna".

The benefits of garlic come from Active ingredient allicin, which lowers LDL but increases HDL, preventing blood vessels from becoming brittle and breaking easily. Reduce the adhesion of platelets, prevent heart disease. Reduce free radicals, slow down aging, inhibit tumors and some cancer cells, resist viruses, bacteria and fungi. Increase immunity, prevent colds, reduce air and food allergies Reduce heavy metal poisoning Reduce constipation and prevent colon cancer Cuts the risk of prostate cancer in half. increase blood flow So the skin looks bright. scordinine and allithiamine Garlic also helps nourish the nerves. and refresh

City dwellers live in a rush and in the midst of pollution, the risk of getting sick. If fresh garlic cannot be eaten because of its pungent and burning smell. Choosing Garlic Supplements with the properties of garlic extract give allicin and dissolved in the small intestine This is another option that allows us to fully benefit from garlic. Without the smell of garlic to bother me....

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