Garlic (Homemade: Issue 35: March 16, 2000)


Garlic (Homemade: Issue 35: March 16, 2000)

Since little "Yi Shing" likes to watch Grandma peel the garlic with love, peeling the garlic is an important step. Causing the garlic to smell its unique smell because of the quiet sleep alone a cloves in a head of garlic It will not emit any (not) desirable smell.
How important is the smell of garlic?
Medical information indicates that The smell of garlic is good for appetizers. In agriculture, this scent is used. Can prevent pests But some people hate the pungent smell of garlic. The way to deodorize is not difficult. Eat with parsley. At this point, the garlic is sloppy and has no right to smell and hurt your mood.
Grandma had to sit and peel garlic almost every day. because he has a career in trading Grandma was selling food and snacks. In a small elementary school around the house, "Yi Shing" was Grandma's hand from the kitchen until she left. Help Grandma sell during school lunch break.
Grandma sells "Khao Porridge", the rest have some mashed potatoes, some boiled.
"Yi shook" came to see her mother at home. (Another village) we will go to collect the jujube at the back of the mother's house by "Yi Shing" as the climber. Grandma keeps collecting the jujube if the jujube falls back from home. Mother will take the jujube to dry in the sun to ripen. then weld Sold as snacks for students. Most of them like it too. But Grandma's famous food is fish porridge.
Grandma is meticulous in every step. especially in the process of peeling garlic
Grandma chose small headed garlic, purple color because of "pungent smell" than large head garlic. Fish porridge requires fried garlic. Helps to smell and deodorize fishy Before taking a shower and going to bed, "Yi Shing" saw Grandma sit and peel the garlic with care every night.
Grandma doesn't use the method of throwing garlic into a mortar. Then scoop up and chop. before frying until golden brown in the pan Because of that method, the garlic will have rinds and pulp. When eaten, it will feel irritating to the throat, and in frying the garlic is often unevenly yellow, so Grandma carefully peels and removes the outer cloves one by one. small head of garlic At night the lights are not bright. The peeler was an elderly person. "Yi shook" could only lie down and look at the picture warmly. and was amazed at Grandma's diligence.
Grandma didn't let me help you peel. This is because garlic contains oils that can sting your eyes. But this oil The root of the aroma of fried garlic The oil in garlic cloves can also cure ringworm. I've seen my grandmother apply it to my older brother soon and it's gone, but as soon as I applied it, my brother complained that he felt a stinging sensation.
Grandma peeled off the hard shell. There may be some soft shell left. In the morning Grandma will use a knife to smash it. then finely chopped but not crushed Fry in soybean oil. Use low heat when the garlic is evenly browned. will be scooped into a colander Another part is included with the oil. If you notice carefully, you will know that when you cook Grandma doesn't use a lot of oil. Just enough to cover the garlic The scooped portion is for people to eat and add to the boiled rice cup as they like. The part that is with the oil to put in a pot of boiled rice. Fragrant, no more fishy smell when grown up. "Yi shook" saw his brother peeling garlic and eating raw. said to reduce the pressure At that time, when I heard it, I was stunned. What pressure was he?
Now, I'm not confused anymore. I opened the textbook and he said that garlic has properties to help control the level. blood pressure to be normal At the same time, it plays an important role in helping to prevent heart failure. In garlic, there is a lot of vitamin B1. This vitamin is important. to the energy conversion system in the body Maintain a healthy nervous system and can work normally prevent depression withered mind If the body lacks vitamin B1 for a long time, beriberi can occur. And if it's not enough often cause heart palpitations muscle weakness And have problems in the nervous system. Vitamin B1 also helps the body metabolize. Carbohydrates are good, too.
Doctor F.G. Peotroski, from Germany, has tried to use garlic to treat patients. 100 high blood pressure at the University of Geneva The results showed that in just one week, 40 of his patients had a dramatic drop in blood pressure. He explains that garlic contains important substances that help dilate blood vessels, causing blood flow to slow down. which directly affects the pressure in the case of low pressure The pressure will return to normal. in normal pressure cases Garlic has no effect on that pressure either.
Being born as a Thai person is considered lucky. because the national common food is all the chili paste Let's put garlic together. "Yi Shake" is afraid that you can't imagine the garlic menu. So I secretly stole my mom's recipe for chili paste.
Straw Mushroom Chili Paste Mom's delicious recipe Start by washing the mushrooms (2 sticks) thoroughly, blanching until cooked, put in a colander, set aside to drain. Finely chopped. Chili (8-10 tablets) pounded with roasted garlic (3-4 heads). Use large heads of garlic to get more meat. (If the head is small, try adding one or two heads) until homogeneous. Pound them together again. After adding chopped mushrooms Season with lemon juice. Iodized salt / fish sauce and palm sugar. Taste as you like if you want it to be sour, sweet or salty. Eat with fried vegetarian pork belly. And many kinds of fresh vegetables are really delicious.
Chili Paste with Snakehead Fish. At home, it's called "Nam Prik Lonely" because it uses only 4 ingredients. 1 small snakehead fish is cooked and cooked. Only the lamb was pounded together with the roasted shallots. Roasted capsicum and garlic, seasoned with tamarind juice, ground salt if available. Wild olives can be used instead of tamarind. This lonely chili paste will be more fragrant and delicious. This recipe is made by my mother often because it is easy to make, no hassle, no time consuming, low cost, and delicious with the aroma of chili, onion and roasted garlic. When eating rice, peeled young cucumbers Cut and wait before refrigerating. Enough crispy to eat with chili paste. and other vegetables such as acacia vegetables, acacia shoots, white turmeric, young kaffir lime leaves, fried in sesame oil, very delicious
Pickled garlic that is not too salty is delicious. Even through pickling, but the important value in garlic is rarely lost, just that the body may get some salt. If it's pickled garlic Honey gets more sugar. Too much of these two is not good.
Grandma likes to eat pickled garlic with boiled rice. Even without teeth, it's not a problem. Grandma is quite familiar with herself. Try to eat easily digestible food. Porridge is Grandma's staple food. If there is pickled garlic next to Grandma's kitchen, she will thinly slice it. Spicy salad with boiled rice or if it's not garlic tone which cannot be sliced Grandma will cut it into the beaten egg. Fried eggs with garlic omelette. It can be eaten with both boiled rice and steamed rice.

But my mother is a fish eater. She likes to eat fish, steamed with garlic, both pickled and non-pickled. Even the dipping sauce she uses is krill. (Water obtained from fermented shrimp paste, brought to a simmer) soi garden chili peppers down alley the garlic down squeeze a little lemon Eat with fried soft fish. It's delicious.

Western food lovers, don't forget the garlic bread. (But don't eat too much/frequently) Our Chiewajit magazine used to have a garlic-infused menu from Garlic shop to read already in the column. "Chewajit Chuan Chim" for the first time in January of this year. Try going back to view or order. You can go back from Amarin Book Center.

As for those who want to eat raw garlic like elder brother "Yi Shing", the doctor has strongly advised me not to eat it on an empty stomach. And don't eat before bedtime. Because it can be bad and may cause insomnia.

Garlic should be bought whole. carved petals for sale maybe unreliable Because they are often carved from the garlic that has fallen, some heads are rotten and moldy, even if the rotten cloves have been removed. But the rest of the petals may contain aflatoxin. Liver destroyer is contaminated. Buy a cork and hang it in the kitchen. I'm more comfortable

Garlic must be stored in a well-ventilated place, being careful not to bruise or scratch the cloves, as this will spoil easily. Another method of storage is to place them in a mesh bag or airy stockings. Hang it for ventilation. This will have garlic to eat for several months.

write about garlic think of grandma
Grandma is someone who has a lot of love, loves health, loves grandchildren, loves people who come to buy food for grandma to eat.
I really want everyone to know this kind of love.
(But) Now, let's start from loving "Garlic" first!!!
Source : Cheewajit : Issue 35 : 16 March 2000

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