If you want to be beautiful, you need to know.... Collagen is better than you think.


If you want to be beautiful, you need to know.... Collagen is better than you think.

when talking about collagen nowadays It is a very popular food supplement. Due to the properties of collagen that makes the skin white, beautiful, firm and healthy too, many people would not be able to deny it, right? But have you ever asked yourself Do we really know collagen or not? or that they are eating because they just follow the current I saw that it was good, so I tried it. Today, admin brings in depth knowledge of collagen for you. What is collagen? In general, girls are well known that collagen will help keep our skin firm. Bounce and tighten Why? This is because collagen is a natural protein that is in our bodies. In addition, collagen is the main component of the skin, a protein that is very important as well. And the collagen is not only a component of the skin, but it also serves to connect every cell. Cells in the body are joined together to form tissues, organs, and complete bodies. Therefore, collagen contains up to 1/3 of the protein in the body because it is a structure in the flexible part of the body, sure enough.

Collagen contains two important substances which are Proteoglycan and Glycosaminoglycans. which is a protein that is the main structure of skin, hair, nails, bones, joints, as well as the walls of blood vessels And in the dermis (Dermis) is composed of collagen up to 75%, the abundance of collagen is important for keeping the skin moist. Soft and flexible, making the skin firm and firm. This is a feature of youthful skin that is not wrinkled and wrinkle-free and crow's feet are the skin that everyone owns during childhood and youth before the age of 30 because within our skin layer is an abundance of collagen. Jane is so tall but when getting older Collagen fibers will deteriorate and their volume decreases. Causing the skin layer to collapse, causing wrinkles and wrinkles such as crow's feet to visit some The muscles around the eyes are wrinkled. Plus, women are getting older more easily than men. and the rate of continuous reduction of collagen in the dermis will result in the skin gradually loss of moisture soft, smooth and flexible The skin that used to be beautiful, firm, soft, gradually dries out. The skin will collapse year after year, causing wrinkles and crow's feet. By the time you turn 45 years old, collagen levels in your skin have dropped by more than 30%! I'm so sad, is there any way to slow down the collagen reduction staff? I'd like to say that there is no such way. But if there is a way that can help slow down the deterioration of the skin and maintain it to look good as long as possible, that's all.

Research in nutrition has discovered that Consistently taking collagen extracted from deep sea fish as a dietary supplement. Can help to add collagen that has been depleted with increasing age back to the body. Can help prevent and slow down wrinkles, crow's feet, dryness, hardness, helps the skin to be moist. Soft, smooth, maintain the elasticity of the skin. Why is it called "collagen" Collagen (Collagen) comes from the Greek language. This means that glue and collagen act as a link between each cell in the body. Collagen is found under the skin in the dermis layer of our skin by enhancing the smoothness of the skin. Makes the skin strong and smooth. There are many types of collagen. Type 1 is found in the skin to mature. Bones and ligaments, type 2 is found in cartilage, type 3 is found in baby's skin or skin that has begun to regenerate, such as skin that is wounded and begins to produce new collagen. It is also found in blood vessels and the digestive tract. Type 4 is found in cell membranes, and types 5 and 6 are common.

Most of us know collagen in beauty. that is skin collagen That's collagen type one and three. In childhood, we have the most collagen type III, so the skin of a child is smooth and soft. Bouncing more than other ages, sure enough, and as we begin to grow up, the first type of collagen will be synthesized to replace it until the age of 25 years, collagen will begin to deteriorate gradually. by decreasing at a rate of 1.5% per year and when there is a loss of collagen more than the production of new The skin therefore lacks firmness and collapses more and more. It is the cause of wrinkles and dry skin that follows. But did you know that there are also many types of collagen? As far as we can see, there are at least 19 species, each of which varies greatly depending on the type of organ. Factors that cause collagen deterioration faster In addition to the deterioration of collagen that we never want to happen, there are many factors that cause our collagen to deteriorate faster, such as UV rays from sunlight, cigarettes, alcohol. Food contaminants, free radicals, hormonal changes And like this, if you bring collagen to apply Will it help faster than eating? Because it can be absorbed directly into the skin layer without going through any synthetic processes at all. First of all, we must understand that collagen protein It is a protein with a very large molecular structure. Therefore, collagen cannot penetrate through the skin by applying. various creams Available in the market that contain collagen. It will push the collagen to stay in the epidermis layer only. But because collagen has the ability to hold water about 30 times its weight, it keeps the epidermis moist. But it can't really fix wrinkles. because of the strengthening of collagen It must be entered by subcutaneous injection and oral administration. while the injection will enhance the collagen that can only be localized because of that “Eating is probably the best and easiest way.”

Collagen from food Ladies, did you know that in the food we eat every day, there is collagen? Why do we not eat each other? Some people may not know that there is, right? Or you already know that but don't know what kind of food it's in, right? Let's see what's there. - Soybeans, whether it's soy milk or soybean milk, in addition to being easy to find and also profitable for girls who like to drink as well because in addition to getting protein to build muscles Soybeans also contain isoflavones that have antioxidant properties. Contains estrogen suitable for females After eating, it also helps to make your skin bright, radiant, and hydrated as well. - dark green leafy vegetables In addition to being very high in vitamin C, it also helps to promote the introduction of protein to nourish the body. and strengthen skin cells Found in spinach, kale, asparagus, lettuce, etc. - Red fruits, a good source of collagen. and contains lycopene that is dominant in anti-oxidants involved in the formation of collagen, red bell peppers, beets, tomatoes or various berries. They are all good for the skin. - Seafood with Omega Foods that are good sources of protein and omega include salmon, tuna, mackerel, almonds, and avocados.


Who knows if the collagen that we are looking for is not far from us and all around us. If we choose the right food and suitable for our body. We will receive collagen in a natural form that comes from the food that we eat here. But if you choose to eat the most, the collagen is still not enough. However, collagen in the form of supplements is also another option to choose to supplement to meet your needs. I hope that today's story will help women understand collagen more and be a guideline for choosing food or choosing good products to eat more. I recommend Khaola-or Colla 500 Plus Call. Lagen imported from Japan plus white grape seed extract and vitamin C - White

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