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ภก.สุวัฒน์ กอไพศาล นายกสมาคมร้านขายยาภาคกลางตอนล่าง เข้าเยี่ยมอวยพรวันตรุษจีน ดร.วัชรพงษ์ พงษ์บริบูรณ์ ประธานกรรมการ บริษัท ขาวละออเภสัช จำกัด

The leader is open and does not focus on giving orders. The 'family' business is growing strong.

Khaolaor received the award as one of the 10 outstanding businesses. From the Bualuang SMEs Club on September 13, 2023

How to see the real thing of Khaolaor?

Khao Laor delivered Fah Talai Jone to the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine.

Khao La-Or Pharmacy Co., Ltd. received the outstanding business award. from Bualuang SME Club

Khaolaor Received the Outstanding Governance Award for the year 2022 At the meeting room, Bank of Thailand, March 9, 2022

According to many customers asking about the product, Andrographis paniculata extract, packing size of 45 capsules with a label written on how to eat for COVID-19 patients. which the company replied that we are not selling in general Even customers can buy it anywhere or from LAZADA, SHOPEE. The company would like to clarify that the product of Andrographis paniculata extract, package size of 45 capsules, with a label written on how to eat for COVID-19 patients, has been produced since 2021 with the aim of selling to foundations and agencies that donate to the community and Field hospital for use with patients only

Khao La-Or Pharmacy, Thai wisdom herbs to become the market leader Uphold innovative experiential products that are recognized worldwide.

Khao La-Or Pharmacy with the National Outstanding Herbal Product Award Prime Minister Herbal Awards (PMHA)

Khao Laor Pharmacy with FDA Quality Award 6 times

The history of the medicine for treating mouth ulcers, Khaolaor Mouth Gel

award ceremony FDA Quality Award 2015

Collection of photos of guests visiting the factory and receiving various awards

Collection of photos for international exhibitions

Photo collection of press conferences

because of the foundation Uncle Khao Khai Occupation, together with Khao La-Or Pharmacy Co., Ltd., has organized an event for Uncle Khao Khai Occupation to compile pictures. At the event, Uncle Khao unlocks the profession, commemorating "5 years gone, 45 years of teaching" Sunday 10 November 2013 at The Pine Resort (Suan Thammasri Pathum) Samkhok Pathum Thani Lung Khao Khaw Occupation

Khao La-Or Pharmacy participated in a booth activity at the press conference for the launch of Healthy Health Magazine.

The 11th National Medicinal Plant Fair, Muang Thong Thani 2014

Khaolaor Pharmacy Co., Ltd. participated in Thailand Week 2014 in Kuala Lumpur

Khaolaor Pharmacy Co., Ltd. attended Medical Fair Asia 2014 in Singapore

Khao La-Or Pharmacy Co., Ltd. is very pleased that the pharmacists from the Hungarian medical team Pay attention and come to visit Khaolaor factory to hear the history of the factory and product details Including watching our production process that meets the GMP standard, Khao La-Or therefore collects the atmosphere during the visit with great pleasure. Picture of a team of pharmacists from Hungary Pay attention to come to visit the factory

Because on July 3, 2014, Khaolaor Pharmacy Co., Ltd. was honored from the Food and Drug Administration At the factory visit, led by Dr. Boonchai Somboonsuk, Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration, FDA executives and the media.

For the medicine that heals the white tongue It is another drug that is recognized for its effectiveness. and has been widely popular since the beginning as well It is a drug that has been used to take care of oral hygiene of Thai children for 90 years from the treatment of white follicles from birth. The oral hygiene of the child will not cause the child to suffer from pain, which will make them cry all the time, which is a concern for parents. And that the child's mouth hurts, it will cause the child to suckle with no strength or not to suckle even though he is hungry. As a result, children are underweight, their growth decreases and affects the immune system of the body. Therefore, it is easy to get sick. Moreover, the white follicles when swallowed by children will cause sickness and fever as a circular problem, creating a burden of parenting for parents. Therefore, proper and effective drug sweeping will prevent mouth soreness. Children's discomfort from birth is difficult to heal. The white tongue is also popular with adults with mouth ulcers as well.

Top 5 national outstanding herbs from innovation for Thai health Khaola-or wins awards with consistent quality If the quality is not consistent would be difficult to receive the award for 6 consecutive years like this

Khao La-Or Pharmacy Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and exporter of medicinal herbs from Thai wisdom for more than 90 years, has delivered Khao La-Or Mountain Gel products. gold medal and a special award from the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. at the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, Swiss Confederation Reinforcing the number one science in Thai traditional medicine from small Thai entrepreneurs to be recognized in the world

Khao La-Or received the national award for outstanding herbal products of the year 2021, herbal medicinal products. Kao La-or brand of Cissus quadrangularis pills, Dokwan brand

Add a friend @khaolaor to consult with our team of medical professionals. ready to answer questions about your health problems closely as well as recommending the correct use of herbs for you

National Outstanding Herbal Product Award for the year 2021 herbal medicinal products Kao La-or brand of Petch-Sang-Kart Tablet Tra Dokwhan

Open for applications! Coordinator position Overseas sales department 1 position

Open for applications! Accounting officer position 1 position

Temporarily refrain from taking orders. Fah Talai Thieves.

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