image processing at the event


image processing at the event

because of the foundation Uncle Khao Khai Occupation, together with Khao La-Or Pharmacy Co., Ltd., has organized an event for Uncle Khao Khai Occupation to compile pictures. At the event, Uncle Khao unlocks the profession, commemorating "5 years gone, 45 years of teaching"
Sunday 10 November 2013 at The Pine Resort (Suan Thammasri Pathum) Samkhok Pathum Thani Lung Khao Khai Khaek or Mr. Waraphong Pongboriboon, businessman, public relations officer, speaker, inventor, social worker and Thai writers Born on June 26, 1928 at Nong Kwai So Subdistrict, Nong Saeng District. Saraburi

Graduated from junior high school at Thepsirin and vocational vocational at Bangkok Commercial Bank and was a military youth during World War II in 1966. "Uncle Khao" was a TV presenter "Mirror of Youth" on Channel 4 Bang Khun Phrom, a person who can be referenced. Who used to appear on the show was Tinwat Marukphithak when he was a student at Thammasat University. The radio program “There is hope in this life” and the program “Uncle Khao solves the profession” teaches easy careers. TAT radio station Around the year 1967, "Uncle Khao" was a director of the Bangkok Commercial Alumni Association.

organized a project Volunteers in three commercial institutions: Phra Nakhon, Phra Chetuphon, and Tangtrongchit. All three colleges participated in volunteer activities to help carry things for the elderly at the Sanam Luang Market on Saturdays and Sundays to train them to be brave and know how to benefit others. Training to be a person who knows how to think, know how to act in the right way and to create harmony between the three colleges in 1968. "Uncle White" after a car used to train a career in a fire accident, can't go to teach in other provinces anymore " Uncle Khao" and the radio listeners gathered together to form a "Whityatan Vocational Seminar Club" to teach easy careers. by teachers who do not sacrifice their hearts to teach without compensation. In 1969, the "Freed People's League of Thailand", Ploenchit Road, gave a place to teach vocational education on Saturdays and Sundays with about 400 students a day. The subject to study is a simple career. You can study in one day or half a day without having to spend a lot of money. such as making Kanom Krok making a tong-go Photography and compression techniques or even simple cement blister making by using a sack sewn into a blister on the prepared blister-bottom cement sheet and filling the husks into the sack. Grease all over and cover with cement, when the mortar dries, remove the husk and sack. will get the blister as needed, making the poor people have water in the rainy season to use in their face and get a cement blister like this. Can be as large as you want because it is built in a stationary place without having to move, which the person who spread this method to "Uncle Khao" is a merchant named "Luang Mahanam".
There is also professional teaching from speakers who come to help with the sacrifice of time and without any compensation. Whether it's various craftsmanships, tailoring clothes, making desserts such as roti, cotton candy,
Bottled sweet water without preservatives (Uncle Khao's daughter taught herself), building a small boat By Ajarn Boonyuen Suwananon , teaching electrical equipment repair by Ajarn Niwat Chaengploy, artificial flower making by Ajarn Prayong Boonprakob, teaching martial arts silk screening etc. after the vocational seminar Changed the name to the Uncle Khao Occupational Club and "Uncle Khao Khai Care Foundation", a member organization of the Council of Social Welfare of Thailand under the Royal Patronage respectively to find a way to expand the results of vocational training to the people more thoroughly "Uncle Khao" therefore decided to apply as a member of the Bangkok Council in 1974 and initiated the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to organize a permanent vocational training agency for the poor by teaching at Lumpini Park every Sunday. which is now Career Promotion Division Bangkok Community Development Office in 1979, "Uncle Khao" was elected as a member of the District Council. under Prachatai Party with the highest score in Bangkok "Uncle Khao" received the royal grace, received the royal grace of the royal crown of Thailand. and Tritaphon Chang Phueak personal life "Uncle Khao" married to Mr. Boonruen (Khao La-or) Pong Boriboon Buttri Morlong Khaola-or (Bor. Por., Bor. Wor.), the founder of "Khao Lao Or Soth", which "Uncle Khao" is a pioneer in expanding the market to the provinces and all over the country. with the screening of a movie with an advertisement selling the famous drug, the drug Phophayathkhala-or. Uncle White's method of screening movies is not like others. He applied a prism to reflect light onto the glass of the TV screen. making the audience very excited, which is "Khaolaor Pharmacy" At present, in addition "Uncle Khao" is also an inventor. There is an invention of a sugar cane juicer with a brass roller, a silk blender, and also inventing a steel frame puppet. Outside is painted wood, the size of a person, attached to a motor with wires to force forward and backward, along with a speaker on the chest. who can listen and speak to the audience, invent a light box with walking letters Which existed 30 years before the current LED light sign, or even projecting movies through a TV cabinet that has only glass fronts and can be projected at the same time. screen using the technique of reflection through a prism Instead of showing on the screen, it made the audience in the countryside feel like watching television. At that time, television was still a very new thing for Thailand. Around 1976, "Uncle Khao" joined his friends to open a "Kid Trading Company". (Thailand) Co., Ltd. "to exchange innovations and intellectual ideas. Although this company does not have outstanding results, but it represents the vision of "Uncle White" who sees the importance of intellectual property, which even today there are people who understand intellectual property in the limited field "Uncle White". " Mr. Waraphong Pongboriboon died of acute renal failure on November 8, 2008.

Received royal grace and royal water for bathing in corpses and chests of honor and the cremation ceremony at That Thong Temple Crematorium Rajawaramahavihara, Watthana, Bangkok on February 28, 2009, received a wreath from the Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center in Queen Sirikit. Her Majesty the Queen, whose family "Uncle Khao" is extremely grateful to the King, the National Health Office (NHSO) has studied and prepared the biography of Uncle Khao's career as a video. To promote good things as a role model and encouragement to the society and on the radio and television stations of Thailand

In the time when Mr. Suriyang Huantasarn was the director has continued the spirit of "Uncle Khao" by making videos teaching various occupations to be easily understood on NBT station, 5 minutes per episode from May to November 2009, including 120 episodes. Uncle Khao wants to teach Thai people how to trade. While Thai people at that time often taught their children to be bosses. and embarrassed to trade Uncle White teaches students have mottos, including: The Three Failures of Success and the Three Profits of Life are "Patience, Patience, Savings" and "Profits Make Profits Eat, Profit Money".

which means just do gain knowledge Experience gains and then portions will have a fruitful effect on well-being. or have more money is what will come Although Uncle Khao has passed away almost 5 years ago, but the speakers and foundation committees Still continuing the intention of Uncle White, still teaching until the present Uncle White's teaching has its own principles: not taking notes on the names of students, not teaching in luxury. no follow-up This is for the poor low income person
able to come to study independently with peace of mind There is no fear of the system or the shame of poverty. and teach in the area where the owner of the facility is willing to provide free teaching

Teaching is therefore moved to different places as appropriate. and now teaching at Basketball court in Rattanathibet village Opposite Big C Department Store, Rattanathibet branch, Nonthaburi every Sunday at 2 of each month from 08:00 to 12:00

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