Khao La-Or Pharmacy, Thai wisdom herbs to become the market leader Uphold innovative experiential products that are recognized worldwide.


Khao La-Or Pharmacy, Thai wisdom herbs to become the market leader Uphold innovative experiential products that are recognized worldwide.

Khao La-Or Pharmacy, Thai wisdom herbs to become the market leader Upholding innovative experiential products that are recognized worldwide Medicine to heal the white tongue It is another drug that is recognized for its effectiveness. and has been widely popular since the beginning as well It is a drug that has been used to take care of oral hygiene in Thai children for 90 years from the treatment of La Laung, white follicles from birth. which maintains oral hygiene of children will make the child not suffer which will make you cry all the time is a concern of parents And the sore mouth of the child will make the child unable to suckle or not suckle even though he is hungry, resulting in the child who is underweight, has decreased growth and affects the immune system of the body. therefore get sick easily The white pore sheet when a child swallows It will cause illness, fever, followed by a recurring problem. Create a burden of care for parents

Therefore, proper and effective sweeping of the medication will prevent a child's sore throat from birth. It is also popular with adults with mouth ulcers. From wisdom to research, around the year 2000, Dr. Pennapha Sapcharoen, Director of the Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine at that time and the team supporting the research of Thai traditional medicine formulas has coordinated herbal research with the Secretary-General of the National Research Council Mr. Jiraphan Attchinda and with the Director of the Budget Bureau Mr. Poonsup Piya-anan to request support for herbal research. which was very new at that time by selecting traditional medicines that are accepted in the market for research one of which is White La-Or Tongue Astringent Pills and the research team is the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Srinakharinwirot University

The results showed that It has a good anti-inflammatory effect. help the wound heal faster and is highly safe and has a synergistic effect of herbs in medicinal formulas that work together to produce a good therapeutic effect even when using very small amounts of the drug which brings both the joy that this medicinal formula has done inconceivably good results. and surprise along the way Let's see how the cooks know that this recipe has a good and safe treatment effect. and specially formulated for children so that even in small children it can be used

Therefore, Khao La-or Pharmacy has brought this research result. to develop into a gel type To treat mouth ulcers by researching the gel texture that is suitable and safe for young children Through the iTAP project, the researcher is Asst. Aimorn Chaiyaprateep, a professor at the College of Thai Traditional Medicine. Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi This is not only a gel that is safe for young children. but also safe and suitable for the general public

This Khaolaor Mouth Gel product has received an award. National Outstanding Herbal Product (PMHA Award) March 2019 and presented at the International Exhibition of Invention in Geneva, Switzerland (International Exhibition of Invention) received a gold medal on April 12, 2019 and Special Prize on Stag from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation for the invention and development of the White La Mountain Gel, a product from natural herbal extracts. without steroid components and supported by four research papers. Has properties to help the wound in the mouth heal faster. good anti-inflammatory high security

The inspiration and goal of Khao La-Or Pharmacy is that nowadays, the form of the product should change with the times. From the black medicinal powder of the White Tongue Astringent Pill. Even with very good results But may not be suitable for applying outside the house. or even home use Users may also feel dirty. So the gel form is the right one. But there are medicines to treat mouth ulcers that are available. It is a modern drug with a steroid drug as the main component. which is a drug that has a good therapeutic effect But using steroids has its limitations. For example, it should not be used in children or pregnant women. It should not be used on fungal wounds. and its frequent use also slows the response to the drug.

Therefore, the development of white-la-or tongue astringent pills to be gel type therefore can be used in young children can be used in adults Can be used as often as needed without smearing. reduce inflammation of the wound and help the wound heal faster It is appropriate both physically and effectively. including safety

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