Office of Food and Drug Administration visits Khao La-Or Pharmacy Co., Ltd.


Office of Food and Drug Administration visits Khao La-Or Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Because on July 3, 2014, Khaolaor Pharmacy Co., Ltd. was honored from the Food and Drug Administration At the factory visit, led by Dr. Boonchai Somboonsuk, Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration, FDA executives and the media.

In this visit to the factory, the FDA upgraded the production of Thai herbal medicines to the standard. increase competitiveness to support AEC brought media to study area for work tour Ready to promote cosmetic factories that meet GMP standards. and upgrading the production standards of Thai herbal medicines in accordance with the Good Drug Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, along with developing for drug manufacturers of all levels to produce drugs to meet international standards (PIC/S GMP).

This will create confidence for consumers and increase competitiveness to support AEC. Bring media to Samut Prakan province for a study visit at Khao La-Or Pharmacy Co., Ltd., a Thai herbal medicine factory that has received the ASEAN GMP standard and received FDA Quality Award. The FDA has measures to promote and support the cosmetic industry in Thailand to have the ability to produce good quality cosmetics. have international standards

Currently, there are a total of 134 cosmetic manufacturing sites that have been certified for cosmetic production standards (as of June 23, 2014), which are large and medium-sized cosmetic manufacturing sites that are equipped with capital, technology and personnel. by The FDA will support the upgrading of cosmetic production standards according to GMP criteria at every stage of production. according to academic principles

As for small cosmetic manufacturing sites and household industries, which have limitations in finance, technology and personnel, it is difficult to develop production to reach the international level in accordance with the full GMP criteria. production method cosmetic storage method Regulated to prepare small producers and the household industry to be able to use the quality system in the production of cosmetics This will result in the development of the GMP criteria in the future.

However, in the purchase of cosmetics Ask consumers to buy from a store that has a certain source. There are Thai language labels with full mandatory text, namely: Product name and type 10 digits of notification number, all ingredients, method of use, name and location of production, date, month, year of production, net quantity and warning (if any). You can check the cosmetic notification number via Oryor Smart Application or inquire to the FDA hotline 1556, the secretary-general of the FDA finally said.

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