Khao La-Or Pharmacy with the National Outstanding Herbal Product Award Prime Minister Herbal Awards (PMHA)


Khao La-Or Pharmacy with the National Outstanding Herbal Product Award Prime Minister Herbal Awards (PMHA)

Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health has provided a project to promote ethics in health product establishments It started in 2009 to promote health product enterprises to be virtuous. Ethics for safe production of health products

as well as to honor and honor the health product enterprises that are responsible to consumers. as well as being a good role model for other businesses And there are awards for good establishments. Outstanding ethics for health product enterprises, including food, medicine, cosmetics, medical devices Dangerous substances used in the home and community products which has criteria for considering a health product establishment as follows:
- Health products are produced for distribution in the country with quality.
- If it is an establishment that produces for export Must be sold in the country as well. with a period of at least 5 consecutive years
- Always maintain good production standards
- A quality system has been developed or control the production of products to the market with quality
- Must be an establishment that has never been punished in the matter of production, sales and advertising for the past 2 years from the date of application

Criteria for considering the establishments that have been awarded
For any establishment that has received an award in the same industry 3 times in a row will reserve the right to waive assistance for at least 2 years before being eligible to apply Except in the case of different industries, there must also be a system for responding to consumers (Customer Relations) with social responsibility. There are social responsibility (CSR) activities such as consumer education. environmental care Promotion of activities that develop social, moral, cultural, environment, etc.
White, quality, safety, care for society

Khao Laok received this prestigious award as the first of all herbal health companies in 2009, immediately since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiated the project. In the early days The FDA does not allow entrepreneurs to submit their companies to participate in the contest in any way, but the FDA has selected companies that have potential. and always adhere to the FDA's policy, that is, quality, safety and care for society as well

Quality : White and blood selected raw materials from the source from quality farmers. And it can be done according to strict standards. The species must match the different parts of the plant used. Only yes and right

Safe : with the production standards that white La Or enters the GMP system, being the first of the herbs in Thailand Until now, it has evolved to GMP PIC/s, which is the highest level of global GMP, equivalent to a giant pharmaceutical factory from Europe, even though we are Thai entrepreneurs.

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