Brownie & Smoothie-EyeHerbs Ep.28


Brownie & Smoothie-EyeHerbs Ep.28



EyeHerbs Ep.28 This eye has a menu that is very suitable for Valentine's Day, which is Brownie & Smoothie. Strawberry girl, that's it.

For sweet lovers, don't forget the herb that helps with sugar like Chiang Da, because it has the ability to inhibit sugar transportation. Slow down the absorption of sugar in the small intestine. Stimulates increased secretion of insulin resulting in a lower blood sugar effect.

Valentine's Day if you don't want to be alone Add Line to us at @khaolaor. Doctor Eye Standby is waiting to give health advice to everyone.

brownie ingredients
Chocolate (50% or more) 175 g.
85 g salted butter
30 g cocoa powder
2 eggs
100 grams of sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
90 g wheat flour
1/4 spoon vanilla flavor

Ingredients for Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie
3-4 strawberries
3 tbsp strawberry syrup
1 tablespoon of yogurt
1 tbsp syrup
1/4 cup fresh milk
1 glass of ice

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