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EyeHerbs Ep.30 Let's come to spicy tuna salad with crispy Krachai. Strange isn't it? Normally, I only see fluffy catfish salad. But I'm embarrassed to see someone use tuna instead of catfish. Today, I'm going to give the recipe to everyone. The tuna used today is canned tuna in soybean oil. Who likes spicy things? I invite you to go this way. Let's go and see.

EyeHerbs Ep.29 I can feel that it's summer. The weather is so sweltering that it makes me embarrassed to think of herbs that will help balance such as Maha Pradit Triphala water, which has 3 types of herbs, Thai anchor, Phipek anchor, and Makhampom.

EyeHerbs Ep.28 This eye has a menu that is very suitable for Valentine's Day, which is Brownie & Smoothie. Strawberry girl, that's it.

EyeHerbs Ep.27 The first month of the year opens with a menu. "Grilled Fish Cassia Curry" Some people even shook their heads and said, "No, I don't like this menu at all because the cassia leaves are bitter. But I'm embarrassed to want everyone to open their minds a bit. In fact, cassia leaves are very useful.

EyeHerbs Ep.26, I'm going to bring everyone here to do it. "Clean Chicken Breast Spring Rolls" I'm so shy, I'm going to teach everyone how to make spring rolls in a clean recipe. It's delicious and full of nutrients.

EyeHerbs Ep. 25, I will bring everyone to do this. "Rice Cracker with Okra Juice", you read that correctly, we usually use the rice cracker as watermelon juice, right? But today, I'm going to upgrade the level even more by using Roselle juice instead.

EyeHerbs Ep.24 Today's menu, eye presents "Fresh Kung Liang Curry" can be said that it is very suitable for late rainy season and early winter like this. Because in his curry paste, there is also black pepper as an ingredient. It will help warm the body very well.

EyeHerbs Ep.23 Berry Waffle Ice Cream Let's eat and fill up. Today I would like to present a menu that children love, which is ice cream. But we can't just make regular ice cream. There must be waffles to eat together as well.

EyeHerbs Ep.22 I recommend a menu that we don't eat often, that is "Kung Som Moringa Curry", which we don't eat often because of Moringa vegetables. Kaeng Som is a local food that Thai people from all regions love to eat. The taste is spicy, sour, salty and sweet, so it hits the hearts of many people.

EyeHerbs Ep.21 Eye brought us to make jelly from herbal juice. Let's eat. The herbal juice that is chosen to be used today is Chrysanthemum juice and bael juice, instant powder "Hansa" of Khao La-Or

EyeHerbs EP.20 Eye brought everyone to make Ho Mok Bai Yo Kung. Some people say Yoi leaves have a bitter taste. But I'm embarrassed that it's enough to eat Ho Mok. There is almost no bitter taste at all. It's also useful.

EyeHerbs EP.19 Eye will bring you to make desserts that can be called young generation unlikely to know But if talking to parents, this is known for sure, that is "Khanom forget to swallow".

EyeHerbs EP.18 Eye presents a delicious menu that is "Crispy Centella Asiatica Salad". antioxidant and nourish the brain And important substances from Centella asiatica have the effect of healing wounds as well

EyeHerbs EP.17 eye brought me to make moringa leaf lozenge Well, I still put pandan leaves. But we added moringa leaf powder to our desserts that are even more useful.

EyeHerbs EP.16 Eye brought me to make Kanom Jeen in coconut milk with a lot of Krachai. To increase immunity better. This menu, besides being delicious, has full benefits from Krachai.

EyeHerbs EP.15 Eye brought us to make coffee-scented crispy cereals. Actually, they are similar to nuts. But I'm embarrassed to upgrade a bit. It combines many grains to make it look more diverse.

Kankubai flow is beyond resistance. Until I'm shy, I can't stand it. I have to arrange a bit of roti. But I will eat it for nothing, so I have to cook Masaman Chicken Curry Kaew Ta to eat together to make me feel very satisfied.

EyeHerbs Ep.13 Let's make shrimp paste chili paste with steamed vegetables. It's well known that chilli paste can't be eaten on its own. You have to eat it with vegetables such as bitter gourd, brinjal eggplant and cucumber. It tastes good together.

EyeHerbs Ep.12 The Mango Sticky Rice trend is so strong, I'm so embarrassed that I won't miss it. I will definitely teach everyone how to make Moon Sticky Rice by myself.

EyeHerbs Ep.11 Eye brought me to make orange pannacotta and orange mocktails because the weather is really hot these days, so I want to invite everyone to find something to eat to cool off the heat.

EyeHerbs Ep.10 Eye brought me to make an energy bar, dark chocolate, green tea. Anyone who is clean, often hungry and wants to eat fussy food, come this way.

EyeHerbs Ep.9 Eye brought me to make clove essential oil and ginger essential oil. Let me tell you that it's very easy to do. But it takes patience to wait a bit.

EyeHerbs Ep.8 Eye will bring everyone to make a clean menu. that is not difficult Plus, it's very convenient to carry anywhere, that's the "chicken breast sandwich", but the specialty is that we will put herbs in it as well.

EyeHerbs Ep.7 Eye brought us to make a popular menu for many people right now, "Thong Muan Sod", but Eye's special recipe must have good herbs such as turmeric as well. Comes with young coconut and white sesame.

EyeHerbs Ep.6 The menu that I'm making today is a bit like Mae Sri Ruen. Because it takes skill to mold the dough. "Ginger Black Sesame Bua Loy" but the black sesame filling will add more crunch. With grated coconut, it's delicious.

EyeHerbs Ep.5 is pleasing to people who like garlic bread. Because I'm embarrassed to bring everyone to do it. Homemade Garlic Butter Spread

EyeHerbs Ep.4 I'm shy to bring everyone to make clean chicken breast stir-fry. In this cold weather, if you want to find a helper to get rid of cold symptoms, it's probably inevitable with spicy food, right?

EyeHerbs Ep.3 Shame to invite friends Let's make blueberry jam. In this era in the digital age, we need to find a helper to help maintain our eyesight. But it comes in the form of delicious, easy to make, easy to eat, useful.

EyeHerbs Ep.2, I'm going to bring everyone to grow wheat grass. It will be an organic wheat sprout without soil. Growing using water

Lingzhi spores, what would happen if they were used to make pudding? Today I'm taking you to make cocoa spore pudding with red lingzhi mushrooms. But the mushroom spores in question must be shelled red lingzhi spores. How will it look like? Let's see in the clip.

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