EyeHerbs EP.11 Orange Panna Cotta, Orange Mocktail


EyeHerbs EP.11 Orange Panna Cotta, Orange Mocktail


EyeHerbs Ep.11 Eye brought me to make orange pannacotta and orange mocktails because the weather is really hot these days, so I want to invite everyone to find something to eat to cool off the heat.

Orange is a fruit that is easy to find. And it's very useful. Come to make drinks or desserts, it tastes sour and sweet. Freshen up.

In the blush recipe, add passion fruit as well. Passion fruit has a unique smell which is very fragrant. High anti-oxidant, anti-diabetes, anti-stress and anxiety effects. How could such health benefits be missed? Is it true?

Orange Panna Cotta Ingredients
whipped cream 100 ml
100 ml of fresh milk
20 ml of sugar
1 tablespoon of gelatin
15 ml cold water

orange sauce ingredients
100 ml of water
Orange juice (concentrated) 75 ml
10 grams of sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 tbsp corn starch
orange pulp as desired

orange cocktail mix
Orange juice (concentrated) 50 ml
syrup 15 ml
passion fruit juice 65 ml

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