EyeHerb Ep. 18 Spicy Crispy Asiatic Salad


EyeHerb Ep. 18 Spicy Crispy Asiatic Salad


EyeHerbs EP.18 Eye presents a delicious menu that is "Crispy Centella Asiatica Salad". antioxidant and nourish the brain And important substances from Centella asiatica have the effect of healing wounds as well

Some people might say It's very beneficial, but it's not good for the taste. I'm embarrassed to tell you that this menu will make you forget that Centella asiatica is bitter. When coated with batter and deep fried, it's really delicious. Enjoy chewing very much.

Crispy fried Centella asiatica ingredients

Centella asiatica 300 grams

2 cups crispy flour

1 tbsp rice flour

250 ml of water

Minced pork 200 grams

3-4 tomatoes

1 tablespoon palm sugar

2-4 shallots

2-4 heads of garlic

4 tbsp fish sauce

MSG 1 teaspoon

1 tbsp cayenne pepper

2 lemons

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