EyeHerbs EP.19 Forget-me-not snacks - sugar-free ginger ale


EyeHerbs EP.19 Forget-me-not snacks - sugar-free ginger ale


EyeHerbs EP.19 Eye will bring you to make desserts that can be called young generation unlikely to know But if talking to parents, this is known for sure, that is "Khanom forget to swallow".

I forgot to swallow snacks that I was embarrassed to do today. It will be a pastel color with a cute jelly cup. along with sprinkled with crispy fried nuts But if you can't just eat alone, right? It's the rainy season now, so I need something warm to sip, and I think ginger ale is the best.

Because "Ginger" helps to warm the body. Cold treatment Relieve symptoms of indigestion as well.

Forgotten dessert ingredients

100 g mung bean flour

Arrowroot flour 1 tbsp

300 grams of sugar

1 liter of water

food coloring

jasmine scent

coconut milk ingredients

60 grams of rice flour

70 grams of sugar

400 grams of coconut milk

1/2 tbsp salt

Crispy roasted soybeans for topping

Sugar Free Ginger Mix

Hot water 150 ml.

2 sachets of sugar-free melted ginger powder

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