EyeHerb Ep. 17 Moringa leaf rhombic


EyeHerb Ep. 17 Moringa leaf rhombic


EyeHerbs EP.17 eye brought me to make moringa leaf lozenge Well, I still put pandan leaves. But we added moringa leaf powder to our desserts that are even more useful.

Because moringa leaves are a source of many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body. Not only the leaves are useful. The flowers and fruit are also tonic. The seeds themselves can be crushed and masked to relieve joint pain and fever.

Moringa leaf wet mix

70 grams of rice flour

Tapioca flour 25 grams

50 grams of sugar

Palm sugar 40 grams

half a teaspoon of salt

Lime water 130 ml.

Pandan juice 300 ml.

Half a tablespoon of moringa powder

White sesame seeds, half a tablespoon

grated coconut as desired

Coconut milk mixture topped with 100 grams of coconut milk, half a tablespoon of rice flour, a pinch of salt.

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