EyeHerbs EP.10 Energy Bar Dark Chocolate Green Tea


EyeHerbs EP.10 Energy Bar Dark Chocolate Green Tea


EyeHerbs Ep.10 Eye brought me to make an energy bar, dark chocolate, green tea. Anyone who is clean, often hungry and wants to eat fussy food, come this way.

In this recipe, blush adds green tea as well. Green tea has a relatively warm effect. Antioxidant, anti-aging, high anti-oxidant And it also helps in terms of weight too.

dark chocolate Help nourish the heart. enhance brain function It helps reduce cholesterol levels. I can tell you that it's delicious when you're pregnant. good health otherwise

Dark Chocolate Green Tea Energy Bar Ingredients
300 grams of cereal
1 tbsp green tea powder
50 g salted butter
150 g dark chocolate

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