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Botanical characteristics of young leaves The underside of the leaves is a herbaceous plant, 10-60 cm tall, all parts have a bitter taste. - Leaves are compound leaves, single-layered, odd-fingered, with 23-25 ​​leaflets, oblong, obovate margins. The leaf tip is broad, the base is rounded, narrow, the size is about 0.40 X 00 cm, the petiole is very short, and the leaves are white, triangular-shaped, with 2 pointed ends attached. - The flower looks like a separate sex flower. Females are usually at the base. Males are usually at the end of the petiole. small white flowers Diameter about 0.08 cm. - The fruit is spherical, smooth surface, light green, about 0.15 cm in size, attached to the base of the sub leaf. When mature, it splits into 6 lobes, each lobe contains one seed, a brown, crescent-shaped seed, 1/6 of a spherical shape, about 0.10 cm in size. The portion is used as a medicine. Children under the leaves... Herbs to cure fever of people.

If you want to be beautiful, you need to know.... Collagen is better than you think.

Guidelines for using herbal medicines In case of infection with COVID-19 (for the age group 12-60 years old)

abnormal levels of fat in the blood is a condition in which the body has different levels of lipids in the blood As a result, there is a risk of developing atherosclerosis. (atherosclerosis) and cause cardiovascular disease. followed by cardiovascular diseases, the most common being coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease cerebrovascular disease and peripheral arterial disease

8 reasons that cause liver deterioration

As of today, there is probably no one who has never heard of the term “Cymphony” or “Tong Chao”, an herb that is claimed to enhance sexual performance. What exactly is “Cymphony”, and does it have properties according to those claims? This article has the answer.

Ma Waeng is a well-known vegetable and medicinal herb. in nutrition We use fresh fruit to eat. It is a vegetable which is the fruit of Ma Waeng. will help nourish the elements to make the appetite Fever League Solve the sticky eczema Solve excretion and dissolve phlegm in the intestines Help to drain through the anus, eat regularly, will rarely catch a cold, nasal congestion. Leaves and roots are used as an elemental tonic.

How important is the smell of garlic? Medical information indicates that The smell of garlic is good for appetizers. In agriculture, this scent is used. Can prevent pests But some people hate the pungent smell of garlic. The way to deodorize it is not difficult. Eat with parsley. At this point, the garlic is sloppy and has no right to smell and hurt your mood.

There is one medicinal plant. The flower resembles a cat's mustache. and very beautiful because The flowers are tiered. That is, the flowers below will bloom first. And will chase up to the top, the stamens are long outside the petals until it is clearly visible. and will take shape like a cat's whiskers The flowers are white or purple. depending on the species That medicinal plant is "Cat's Whisker Grass".

Ma Waeng Ton and Ma Waeng Krua are different herbs and vegetables. But in the same family Solanaceae, the maweng tree is also divided into 2 types, namely the thornless maweng (Solanum sanitwongsei Craib) and the thorny maweng (Solanum violaceum Ortega).

bioflavonoids Bioflavonoids Herbs for the health of women and men Pueraria mirifica & Butea Superba are plants that contain bioflavonoids. High levels of bioflavonoids, which are recognized for their rejuvenation benefits in these two plants, were published 80 years ago in the Puer Krua textbook. Published by Luang Anusarn Sunthorn Chiang Mai, bioflavonoids were discovered about 20 years ago as a coloring agent in fruits and vegetables.

Garlic (Allium sativum) has a history of use for more than 5000 years. From the times of Greece, Roman, Phoenicians, Vikings, Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, it is even regarded as the food of the gods or "lasuna lasuna".

Moringa is a plant that Thai people are very familiar with. During the late and early winter rains like this time, the weather is cool, but the rain can easily cause a cold or a fever. Moringa pods are very effective against colds and fevers. Our ancestors were wise and knew that the pods of horseradish were used for curries. It's not just food, but it can also help prevent fevers and colds.

Scientists have found that extracts from ginkgo leaves Gingkoflavone glycosides are beneficial for improving blood flow to the brain. Prevent Alzheimer's For Ganoderma lucidum plays a role in cell regeneration in various organs. To return to good condition and Beta Glucan plays an important role in eliminating and preventing the occurrence of cancer cells. Slow down the degeneration of cells in various organs throughout the body.

Turmeric has many benefits. Antioxidant Stomach care Importantly, it helps to detoxify the body. The Vegetarian Festival is a time when we wash our bodies. and clean mind Eating turmeric is also a detoxification. Vitamins A, C, E all three.

Comfortable city life, such as working on paperwork or working in front of a computer. Eating well prepared and flavorful food But both of them hide the bad. working on paperwork and often sitting still with little movement not only makes the muscles immobile but also often sit in the wrong posture as well

According to the Thai textbook, it is said that "cool tastes Used as a green potion, neutralizes fever, neutralizes false manifestations and other poisons. Used to cure the heat in thirsty. Treatment of chronic asthma and cure itchy rash from various allergic reactions Used to cure poison, boredom, drunk. Due to poisonous mushrooms, arsenic, or even prescription drugs It has been very effective" by using a trapezoid, a purple flower vine and must be the roots that have been planted for more than 6 months come out causing the symptoms of being poisoned to improve and eventually heal

Thailand we have the wisdom of Thai traditional medicine. and keeping health with Thai herbs for a long time Even modern medicine has advanced a lot. from the neglect of Thai traditional medicine and Thai herbal wisdom in the past Therefore, Thailand does not have a second mechanism to support it. Throughout the past 20 years, the state has therefore promoted Thai traditional medicine and herbs. There is scientific research Many manufacturers have adapted to international standards, including GMP, ISO 9001, Halal and HACCP. Extract, Analysis, Toxicity Test, Toxicity Test and Efficacy Performance Test, etc. are listed. It is the main national drug for use in hospitals. And there are also sent to sell abroad as well.

Thailand has a very high biodiversity. Thai people have a lot of Thai herbal wisdom. And Thai food is the best and most complete example of health, such as coconut milk curry with eggplant for fiber. Stewed curry with cinnamon to help lower blood sugar levels Antioxidant Tom Yum Machine Make a good mood look younger Kaeng Liang that helps mothers to have enough breast milk Curry with bamboo shoots with Yanang leaves to help reduce uric acid, etc.

reputed to be medicine All parents are worried about whether it is safe for their children or not? Especially young children who are just born, newborns to 3 months old, often have a white tongue from milk stains. Although mothers keep their mouth clean by giving them water after suckling. This melasma is a place for microorganisms and may spread to the cheekbones, sometimes becoming a hard sheet, causing the child's mouth to hurt. cry non stop

Ganoderma lucidum (Fr.) Karst., better known in Thailand, English name “Lacquered mushroom”, Japanese name “Mannantake” As you know, Ganoderma lucidum is considered the king of Chinese herbs and has been used for more than 4,000 years as an elixir and cures various diseases. in Chinese pharmacopeia Identify properties as a tonic for the body. relieve fatigue Cure chronic bronchitis treat heart disease and help you sleep soundly Clinical studies have reported that Ganoderma lucidum has immune system boosting effects in lung cancer patients. colon cancer patients and advanced cancer patients It is anti-inflammatory and safe for use in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and neurasthenia, lower urinary tract disease. Pain after a shingles infection

The liver acts as a plant for energy and nutrients needed by the body. It is also an important organ in the metabolism of various wastes. that occur in the body By excreting through the bile into the intestines mixed with feces. and when foreign substances enter the body such as bacteria, viruses, drugs or substances that the body has eaten and left These may affect liver function. can cause various liver diseases such as acute hepatitis which has inflammation and swelling of the liver The patient will have liver pain. tight stop under the right rib Along with low-grade fever, weakness, loss of appetite, and jaundice can occur.

Department of Medical Sciences by the Herbal Research Institute and the Institute of Public Health Sciences Study on the anti-viral effect of COVID-19 Five Roots Delta species and large prescription drugs which is courtesy of the Thai Medical Association The extracts of both formulations at a dose that were not toxic in cell cultures were incubated with the virus in vitro. and the virus was tested in cell cultures.

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